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 Custom Masonic Challenge Coins 

CNF Interactive is the Official Supplier of Masonic Promotional Products and Custom Masonic Coins

Masonic Promotional Products and the 

The Challenge Coin Story  

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Custom Masonic Challenge Coins date back in history since time in memorial.  The use of promotional products in America can be traced back to 1824 when Andrew Jackson was running for President.   There are still a few collectors with Campaign Coins supporting this evidence.

This story of how the challenge coin came to be has been passed down through the ages as it relates to a World War I story that goes something like this.

During WWI some American volunteers joined a newly formed squadron of pilots. And a wealthy lieutenant who was also believed to be a brother Mason designed a special coin after his newly formed squadron and had them cast as a solid bronze medallion with the squadron logo.  He gave one to each member of his squadron. The Lt. carried his medallion around his neck in a small leather sack.

Shortly after distributing the medallions, the lieutenant?s aircraft was shot down behind enemy lines and he was captured by a squad of German soldiers.

The German soldiers took everything from the lieutenant except for the medallion which he managed to conceal under his tong.

Shortly after being transported to a French village that had been set up as a make shift POW camp near the front lines, the lieutenant escaped by downing civilian clothes he was able to procure and walked out of the village.  He didn't have his military identification on him because it had all been confiscated by the German soldiers.

Finally the Lt. was able to reach the front lines after crossing no-man's land and stumbled into a French outpost exhausted and hungry.

The French soldiers in that area were suspicious because of all the German spies who sometimes wore civilian clothes. Not recognizing the Lt's American accent, the French officers thought he was a saboteur and was about to kill him.

The American  remembered his bronze medallion and just before they were about to shoot him he showed the medallion to his would-be executioners. The French captors immediately recognized the squadron insignia on the medallion, and gave the Lt. enough time to confirm his identity. Instead of shooting him, they gave him a bottle of red wine.

Eventually the Lt  made it back to his squadron, where it became a tradition to ensure all members carried their medallion or coin at all times.

After the war many soldiers became Masons and decided to adopt the challenge coin tradition and started designing coins with Masonic emblems.   

How to order Coins  
  • Decide on a design for both sides
  • Decide if the coin will be in 3 dimensions or 2 dimensions or a combination of both 
  • Decide if diamond cut edges will be needed
  • Decide on a finish, shiny, antique, shade
  • Decide if color enamel will be applied and where
  • Decide if  acrylic packaging is desired
  • Decide how many coins will be ordered
  • Decide how soon you need the coins in your hands
  • Provide all this information to CNF Interactive for an itemized quote
  • Submit quote along with payment to begin order process
  • Final artwork approval will be required from all customers before production can begin.
  • Call for specifics.


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